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How These Designer “It” Bags Got Their Name

The “It” bag is most often described as a bag that has made its mark on the world of designer fashion. These fabulous bags are recognized for their captivating appeal and widespread popularity. But as we swoon over these coveted pieces, whether it be for its eccentrically chic or classically beautiful nature, rarely do we ever stop to think, “what REALLY makes this bag…well..this bag?” and where exactly does it get its name?

This week, the Couture Team dove a little deeper into the history of some of our favorite “It” bags to find out how got their name!

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

A post shared by (@louisvuitton.reetzy) on Feb 6, 2018

Designed after the popular Louis Vuitton Keepall to serve as a scaled-down travel handbag, the name “Speedy” derives from the developments of express transportation, designed as the bag for the woman who lives life in the fast lane.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

A post shared by (@louisvuitton_international) on Apr 12, 2018

This famous Louis tote was given the name Neverfull to reflect exactly that- with its versatile and generously-sized interior space, it always seems as though this bag is in fact never full.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

A post shared by (@louisvuitton.world) on Feb 17, 2018

The Louis Vuitton Alma bag is a tribute to France’s rich architectural history, named after the Alma bridge in France that connects two small Parisian neighborhoods.

Gucci Jackie Bag

A post shared by (@lsabella_noelle) on Apr 22, 2018

This coveted Gucci bag was actually renamed the Jackie bag in 1961 after it’s famous number one fan, First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

Hermes Kelly Bag

A post shared by (@hermes.official) on May 26, 2018

This highly sought after Hermes piece was interestingly named after 1950’s movie star Grace Kelly. It was rumored that she carried the bag while out and about to hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi.

Balenciaga City Bag

A post shared by (@evalimamodabar) on Apr 6, 2018

The Balenciaga fashion house that has recently taken the urban luxury fashion market by storm designed this satchel with the “tough chic city girl” aesthetic in mind, hence its name, the City bag.

Stella McCartney Falabella bag

A post shared by (@cettire) on Apr 11, 2018

The environmentally-conscious luxury brand Stella McCartney named their famous slouchy tote after the Fallabella horse. The Falabella horse has been reported to be a favorite of founder Stella McCartney, an animal-lover who enjoyed riding horses during her childhood.

Hermes Birkin

A post shared by (@hermes.official) on Apr 3, 2018

The reigning monarch over all things luxury, the Hermes Birkin was named after famous British actress Jane Birkin after a conversation on a plane between her and late Hermes creative director Jean-Louis Dumas in 1983 inspired him to design the perfect carryall.

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