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Ramadan or Ramzan 2018: These 5 apps will be your perfect guide for this holy month

The holy month of Ramadan, or Ramzan as we call it in India, has now begun. During this month, Muslims fast from dawn-to-dusk, which is known as ‘Roza’.  Roza is observed to attain purity and piousness in the month of Ramadan. It is believed that this is a way to get closer to Allah. Before the fast, Muslims consume Sehri, a meal which is eaten before the fast begins. The fast is then broken with Iftar, an evening meal consumed after the sunset.

Let's take a quick look at some of the best apps to use during this period which will be your giude during this holy month: 

1. Ramadan Timetable

'Ramadan Timetable' is a highly-rated Android app; which has been released by Andiko. It provides features such as “When is Ramadan,” which tells us the starting date of Ramadan for every year up to Ramadan 2020, along with a map of Mecca’s position, prayer times, call-to-prayer audio, text of Ramadan prayers and 25 duas from the Holy Quran. It can even redirect you to the ‘Sky and Telescope Moon’s Phase’ site to calculate the moon’s phase.

2. Muslim Pro – Ramadan 2018

This is a fairly basic app which is hassle free. It offers different features which include a ‘Qibla’ compass, holiday and prayer calendars and the full Quran too. The Arabic scripts can be translated in 15 different languages and the maps indicate the locations of the Mosque and halal restaurants in your area which make it very beneficial for global travelers.

3. Ramadan 2018

‘Ramadan 2013' by Hakim Boukhatem is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is a Ramadan calendar that displays ‘Imsak’ and ‘Iftar’ timings and is known for being a reliable and accurate source of information. Seamlessly functional, it displays the current date’s five prayer times for more than 251 countries.

4. Islam 101

This app covers the fundamental principles and beliefs of Islam. This provides a bountiful of information to both young Muslims and non-Muslims who are interested in learning about the Islamic way of life that compasses every aspect of a Muslim’s life — personal, social, economic, political, legal and religious etc.

5, Muslim Dua Now

This app will offer access to various traditional Islamic duas which are divided into 18 major Dua and Azkar categories. It serves as a purpose of letting the Muslim community all over the world know about highly useful supplications which one can benefit from in various daily life instances.

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